A continuación, encontrará las Determinaciones Administrativas emitidas bajo la Ley de Compañías de Inversión de 2013, según enmendada
Glovista Tactical Asset Allocation Fund.pdf
Organization of the Atlas US Tactical Income Fund, Inc. April 2015.pdf
Global Opportunities Capital Appreciation Fund Amended and Restated Ruling Upon Conversion Under Law 93-2013.pdf
UBS-Popular Funds-Repurchase of Shares of Closed end Funds Co-advised by Popular Asset Mgmt and UBS Asset Managers under Art. 25 of Act 93-201.pdf
First Puerto Rico Family of Funds-repurchase of shares under Art. 25 Act 93-2013-Feb 5 2014.pdf
UBS Funds Ruling authorizing Repurchase of Shares of Common Stock of certain CEFs 12_19_2013.pdf